art and handicraft

1. Antlers with an old lasso. Needle hanger, 2 scarf rings and one necklace.

Private. Used by Jon Artur and his wife Ann-Helen. Needle hanger: Old Way to keep your sewing needles in your belt. 2 scarf rings to keep your scarf together with.

2. Painting. 

Name: Mov Nejpie

English: My Knife.

”A painting of my first knife, made by Jon Artur in 1971. A knife I always carry with me in my belt” – Madeleine

3. Painting.

Name: Naehpie

”My interpretation of the different cups and milking containers that Jon Artur has made.” – Madeleine

4. Showcase: Sugar bowl + 2 guksie

”A sugar bowl and 2 wooden cups made of birch with elements of reindeer antlers.

The sugar bowl is usually used by Ann-helen. One of the wooden cups tas Jon Arturs that Madeleine inherited after he passad away. The smaller cup is owned by Jens Renfeldt.” – Madeleine

5. Showcase: Nejpie

A knife that Jon Artur made for costumer Bengt Svensson, which was later sold to Torbjörn Rensberg. After Jon Artur passed away the knife came back to our family and is now in possession by his grandchild Ejvin Renhuvud.

6. Fabric with a text in Sami.

Translation: Past, present and future

7. Painting.

Name: Mov otjnege-væjsere 

English: My compass

8. Empty fabric

9. Painting. 

Name: Gievlie 

English: Cirkle

”I have always been fascinated by the patterns my father used to use in his craftsmanship and that is what has inspired me in this painting. One of the most important symbols in the Sami culture is the cirkel, which you can find even in the Sami flag.” – Madeleine

10. Showcase: Naehpie 

English: Milking bowl

In the past the Sami people used these bowls when they milked the reindeer. This specific one was made by Jon Artur as a wedding gift to Madeleine

11. Painting.

Name: Biejjie

English: The Sun

according to Sami traditions the circle can mean both the sun and the moon, two things who’s very important in the Sami culture.

12. Fabric with a text in Sami.

English translation: What is the most important thing you have inherited? 

13. Painting.

Name: Mierkh 

English: Reindeer markings

An interpetation of the reindeer herding heritage.

14. Empty fabric

15. Painting.

Name: Jaepien boelkh

English: The seasons of the year

The Sami people are also called ”the people of the 8 seasons”.

We have always lived and worked in unison with the nature. This process has made me aware of how important the nature is and has been for me and my heritage.

16. Fabric with a text in Sami.  

English translation: What is it that you want to give to the next generation.

17. Painting. 

Name: Eatneme

English: The Earth/the world.

”According to the Sami way of looking at the world, the world consists of three spheres. Heaven, earth and the under world. Allt three spheres are populated by gods and other godly creatures. On earth we also have humans and animals while the under world are populated by the dead. I always carried this belief and had faith in that after this life you move on to another sphere where you get to live the life you want and love. When the people left in the land of the living need help or advice the ones in the under world will come to you in your dreams and help and give comfort. I know that my father is with me in everything I do and has been with us during the whole process with the project Aerpie.” – Madeleine

20. Fabric with a text in Sami.  

English translation: What is heritage for you?

Tipi/Trees 1. Ektesne biejjien gåajkoe – Painting and poem by Madeleine

Tipi/Trees 2. Elmie – Painting and poem by Madeleine