Marika Reinhuvud

Marika is a modern dancer/choreographer from northern Dalarna in Sweden. She lives in Funäsdalen/Härjedalen but dances, choreographs and teaches in various places around the world.

In addition to dance, Marika is passionate about spreading knowledge about her Sami origins and all her dance pieces are based on or contain thoughts and ideas that come from the Sami culture.

- my dream is to spread knowledge about and understanding of the Sami culture through dance

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What's new

Aerpie in Falun

Then we moved the exhibition Aerpie from Östersund to Falun and today Aerpie opens at the City Library in Falun. The exhibition runs until 30 May and ends with a performance at 18.15 pm on 30 May. You don't want to miss it!