Saaraahka week 1

For more information about the background of the project see here.

For two weeks in May 2023, we have invited women from different indigenous peoples to work together in the project Saaraahka - women's power. 8 women from Norway, Sweden and Canada met for the first week in Mittådalen, Härjedalen County, where Marika's newly built dance studio served as a meeting point and workspace. During the first week, we got to know each other and the traditions we grew up with. We have explored each other's arts and created together. Everyone has had the opportunity to hold a workshop where we learned yojk, dance, poetry, song and chorus. The second week we stay in Grövelsjön, where we continue the process of exploring and creating together based on what women's power means to us.

Creating together in the dance hall
Workshop in throat singing with Leanna Wilson (on the left in picture)
From left: Emma Elliane Oskal Valkaepää, Leanna Wilson and Camilla Karlsen

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