Saaraahka week 2.

During the second week of Saaraahka - women's power, we went to Grövelsjön in Norra Dalarna, where we continued to explore each other's art forms and our work. We lived at Sjöstugan right by Grövelsjön where we had an incredible view of the lake and got to work in their premises all week long. We visited the company Renbiten, which was also responsible for the dinners all week, and got to walk with snowshoes to their barn where we got stuck into deep discussions with each other. The last three days we filmed and photographed what we had learned from each other, which felt like a perfect end to the incredible weeks we've had together. One day we filmed in Storsätern's chapel and the others on Grövelsjön's ice and in the forests around the Grövelsjö area. The week ended with a fantastic dinner at Sjöstugan, which Renbiten hosted, and we got a chance to summarize the weeks and our work together. We are all convinced that we have had a better time than we could have expected, above all for the fantastic partners we have had who have made sure that all the practical things have moved on while we have been able to focus on the creative and exploring the project's meaning and thought.

A thousand thanks to Renhuvud AB who were responsible for food and service during our first week.

Thanks to Mittådalens Fjällgård, who provided accommodation and premises for the first week of the project.

Thanks to Renbiten for service, pickup, breakfast and dinner during our second week.

Thanks to Sjöstugan for accommodation, lunch and service.

Thanks to Storsäterns Fjällkapell for allowing us to film in the chapel.

We are incredibly grateful to have such helpful and professional partners and we hope to come back for more projects in the future!

And of course, thanks to all participants for these weeks. Without you this would never have been possible and we have you to thank for making it as good as it did!

Angelica Andersson Reinhuvud

Camilla Karlsen

Emma Elliane Oskal Valkeapää

Gerd-Kaisa Vorren

Leanna Wilson

Life Aira

Madeleine Reindeer

William Stenvall Zetterström

Filming in Storsäterns Fjällkapell
Filming outdoors in Grövelsjön
Filming on Grövelsjön's ice
All participants Top row fv William Stenvall Zetterström, Liv Aira, Emma Elliane Oskar Valkeapää, Angelica Andersson Renhuvud. Bottom row former Camilla Karlsen, Gerd-Kaisa Vorren, Leanna Wilson, Marika Renhuvud (missing in picture: Madeleine Renhuvud)

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