About Marika

Marika is a modern dancer/choreographer from Idre Sami village in northern Dalarna, Sweden. She now lives in Funäsdalen, Härjedalen but dances, choreographs and teaches in various places around the world. She is educated at the school New Education for Contemporary Dance in Härnösand, the Ballet Academy in Stockholm and also has a diploma from DOCH in dance for children and young people - didactics 1.

In addition to dance, Marika is passionate about spreading knowledge about her Sami origins and all her dance pieces are based on or contain thoughts and ideas that come from the Sami culture.

- my dream is to spread knowledge about and understanding of the Sami culture through dance

Marika has worked as a dance teacher at the YMCA in Borlänge and has for many years held her own dance workshops for children and young people in sparsely populated areas and during Sami events. (Read more under "workshops")

Marika is active with many of her own projects and creates work opportunities for several different Sami artists. In addition to her own productions, she also works as a dancer in the dance company "Invisible people contemporary dance company" started off Life Aira.

Marika also actively participates in panel discussions regarding the professional dance field and lectures on both dance, Sami culture and how the two meet.

In addition to dancing, Marika also takes on assignments as a jockey and jockeys at various events and functions.


Marika Renhuvud – CV