"Aerpie" means Heritage in south Sami and is a project created by Madeleine and Marika Renhuvud. The project concluded with an exhibition with Sami art and other forms of expression from 3 generations.

Jon Artur Renhuvud, (1946-2016), Craftmanship in wood and horn

Madeleine Renhuvud, Art: Watercolors, Fabric Prints and Poetry 

Marika Renhuvud, Dance

The idea to create an exhibition with a live performance was born when Jon Artur passed away in 2016. Madeleine and Marika felt the importance to display his handicraft, but also wanted to do something together with him even though he was no longer with us. After he passed away they both understand how much they have inherited from him and their different art expressions has been a way to remember and strengthen his memory. In the Sami culture they say that the jojk (Sami way of telling a story or a person in song/melody) have the power to bring back our ancestors and Madeleine and Marika wants to believe that all Sami art has the power to do that.

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