What is behind the strength that indigenous women possess? With the help of nature and the Sami goddess Saaraahka, this film tells about community, strength and power. Faamoe is a dance film about the primal power that women carry.

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Marika Reinhuvud – Producer, director, choreography, dance, poetry, editor, costume design

Leanna Wilson – throat song, drum dance, music, text, costume design

Camilla Therese Karlsen – dance, choreography, air acrobat, jojk, costume design

Emma Elliane Oskal Valkeapää – jojk, music, dance, text, costume design

Life Aira – dance, choreography, costume design

Gerd Kaisa Vorren – dance, choreography, costume design

Sofia Hallgren – music, sound composition

Camilla Liljestrand – color editing, grading

William Stenvall Zetterström – photo, film

Angelica Andersson Reinhuvud – set assistant, costume design

Madeleine Reindeer – costume design

Laila Wilks – costume design

Samuel Törnqvist – mastering


Composer: Nataq Ungalaq.

Ajaa immaqaa uvanga immaqaa jaaiijaajaa
Ajaa immaqaa ivvit immaqaa jaaiijaajaa
Ajaa immaqaa uvagut immaqaa jaajijaajaa
Ajaa immaqaa tamattaa immaqaa jaaiijaajaa

Ajaa however me however jaaiijaajaa
Ajaa however you however jaaiijaajaa
Ajaa however us however jaaiijaajaa
Ajaa however all of us however jaaiijaajaa



Don't give up on me
Help me
I'm lost
Help me
Don't give up on me


Varra golga
Varra eallin
Ealin warra

Lie down
Gorut warra
Vara gorut

Hurry up

The blood flows
The blood flows
Blood life
The blood of life

Warm blood
The body's blood
Blood body

Blood Blood



Power is the still silence when the ice makes a promise to carry you. 

Power is the eternal rushing of water, the ancient majesty of the forest. 

The blood that flows in our veins and reminds us of life. 

Kraft is Saaraahka who helps women give birth to their children. 

Strength is accepting a gift you think you don't deserve, standing united on issues that aren't necessarily your own.

Strength is to keep moving forward when you don't see a future, to dare to shed tears in times that don't allow.

Strength is to stand straight when you are constantly being spat on, to keep talking when no one is really listening.

Power is to continue the legacy that has been tried to be silenced for so long.

We all carry a force. 

Is the power yours, mine? 

Saaraahkas? Maadteraahkas? 

Is it borrowed? is it changeable? is it replaceable?

We carry a force. We carry female power.


Woman power is daring even when you are afraid

Women's power is hard and soft, strong and weak at the same time 

Women's power is fighting for what you believe in 

Kvinnokraft is fighting for those who are treated unfairly 

Woman power is like a soft hug to rest in when you're too tired to stand 

Every woman carries generations of female power 

Woman power is yours, mine

Woman power is Saaraahka, mahteraahka 

Women's power can be borrowed, changed and exchanged 

We carry female power 

We are female power 


Stood tall against the wave of harmful words crushing down on her. With a force of a lifetime of human kind, no mind not bound.
Just a woman, wearing her indigenous gown like a crown. Never fall down. They never can bring her down. To the ground, unbound, powerful sound. Yoik her mind, yoik the sound of her powerful mind. Yoik her mind.


Thank you to Renbiten AB, Mittådalens Samiby, Fjällgården, Sjöstugan Grövelsjön, Agera Idre, Storsäterns chapel, Ann-helen Renhuvud, Madeleine Renhuvud, Gunhild Andersson, Peter Andersson, Angelica Andersson Renhuvud

A screen dance film based on the project Saaraahka - Kvinnokraft
Founded by Nordic Culture Point, the Sami Parliament of Sweden and the Statens Kulturråd.

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