Saaraahka – female power

During two weeks in May 2023, 8 indigenous women from Sweden, Norway and Canada gathered to share thoughts and experiences and create something together.

You can read about the background to the project here.

During the two weeks we were together, we not only had discussions where we shared our experiences, but the participants also held workshops where we all got to take part in each other's arts. Leanna Tooma had a workshop in throat singing and drum dancing where we got to take part in her culture's traditions. Camilla Karlsen held a workshop in Body awareness where everyone had the chance to explore their bodies and what we are capable of. One day Emma Elliane Oskal Valkeapää had a jojk workshop and Marika herself held a modern dance workshop. Madeleine Renhuvud had the participants explore their poetic side in a writing workshop and also held a workshop in image therapy and one in crafts where we had the chance to try different arts.

After having several workshops, discussions and lectures, we ended the weeks by photographing and filming what we learned from each other for three days.

The project was a great success and being able to gather in such a safe context and share experiences and thoughts/feelings was incredibly rewarding. We have many ideas on how to continue this project and we are so happy to have met women with similar backgrounds and interests.

The material we filmed during the last days of the project has become a screen dance film that will premiere during Rastah Rastah on September 29, 2023. Read more about the film here.

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The project is financed by Nordic Culture Contact, the State Council for Culture and the Sami Parliament