Dance movies

Yellow room: Elmie

English: Elmie can mean both heaven and storm. The dance movie Elmie is created from the poem and painting Elmie (see tipi 3) that Madeleine has created for the exhibition.

”In the process of creating this dance movie I used words and sentences from the poem and the feelings I got from the painting to create the movements you can see in the movie. In the creation process I have given Jon-henrik different directions in the making of the music/joik. When it came to this movie I asked him to think of Sami patterns and find inspiration in different Sami handicraft.” – Marika

Blue room: Jieleden tjïrrh

English: Jieleden tjïrrh means ”through life” and reflects the travels we do together with our ancestors and future generations.

”I created this movie from different poems and paintings Madeleine has created for this project. I have been studying her way of moving while she’s been working and I’ve listened to her stories and the poems she’s been writing. This movie reflects Hope. Hope that our ancestors follow us through the life, hoping well make the right decisions and hope that the ones coming after us will do the same.” – Marika.

The directives Jon-henrik got for creating the music/joik to this movie was: What have you got with you in your DNA, your heritage and the environment you grew up in? Feel free to create music and joik from the theme heritage, environment, nature and traditions.